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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I store my trailer there?

Space for trailers is tight so while there is some space available, we do have to charge those who wish to store their trailer here. This being a horse facility it is only horse trailers that we will make room to store here. The cost per month is $50 and will be added to your monthly bill.

Do you have partial-care board options or Can I work-off some of my board?

No, we don't offer a partial care board. We offer top-quality care to all of our horses. To do so we need to make sure there is consistent and timely care provided.

There are always opportunities for farm work. It's tough work but things like mucking stalls happen early and daily. However, we do not subtract that from the bill. I pay you outside the bill.

Do you offer Trail Rides?

We don't intend to sound pompous, but this Mongon Farms is not a dude ranch. We do not offer pony rides or trail rides.

That does not mean you need to know how to ride or have ever ridden before you join us. Our facility is for individuals who want to learn what it means to event and compete in show jumping, dressage, and cross country. We are here to encourage the passion for riding in others that we have ourselves.

How do I join Mongon Farms at shows and events?

All of our students are invited to participate in the calendar of events that Mongon Farms participates in. We offer guidance as well as to which events we would recommend our students compete in as well as at which level they should do so. Most events do have registration fees attached to them.

What Training Facilities are Available?

There is a full stable, an indoor and outdoor area, a lunging arena, and cross country course available.

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What is the Cost for Lessons?

Lessons cost $50 for an hour. You need to make sure you are ready and arrive early to tack up the horse. While we take great pride in keeping our horses taken care of and groomed, we do expect our riders to clean and maintain their horse after the ride.

What is the Cost to Board a horse?

The cost of boarding a horse is $600 a month. This includes feed and hay, an indoor stall, and putting your horse out to pasture each day.