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Marcy Mongon

By Marcy Mongon
Mar-07, 2024 20:42

Mongon Farms Ohio Facility

Entrance to Mongon Farms

Entrance to Mongon Farms, by: Michael Mongon

The Mongon Farms Ohio Facility

The Mongon Farms Ohio facility is located at 8350 Taylorsville Rd, Dayton, OH 45424. We are a full-care boarding and training facility for equestrian riders and their horses. We are open to all ages, but most of our students are ones who have goals around Eventing (which includes Dressage, Cross-Country, and Stadium Jumping), Upper-level Dressage, and/or Fox-Hunting.

As a full care facility, there are no extra costs tied to turning your horse out to pasture, mucking the stalls, or feeding. Horses eat and go out to pasture at the same time to keep it as a safe facility for all of us here at Mongon Farms. Horses are separated into their herd groups keeping groups and friendly neighbors together.

The only additional costs are around vet bills and the farrier. We have our farrier coming once a week on Fridays, for the scheduled horses, and for the randomly thrown shoes or needed updates. The vet comes out as needed (they have a 24-hour emergency service that is hopefully never needed), and we schedule and handle your horse's twice-yearly vaccinations. It’s a full-care barn so you are not needed for prepping the horse for the farrier or vet.

We use Tribute Feeds, delivered by our local distributor. Feed is twice a day, with hay and hay or grass is available while the horses are out to pasture. Our hay is from what we believe to be the best supplier in our area. Some of it is even our beautiful alfalfa from our own fields. Supplements are added when necessary. Dietary or custom feed requests for the horses is always an option for the best care the horses need.

The Facility


Our Barn Hallway

Our barn has 33 stalls. The stalls each have an automatic waterer so your horse will never be thirsty. Even when we are full, there is always a waiting list option.

Indoor Arena

Our Indoor Riding Arena

The barn has heated tack areas where you can get ready for a lesson and groom your horse. One of these is even equipped with a hot water hose for cleaning your horse after a winter lesson or getting ready for a show. There is a preferred outdoor wash area for the warmer summer days. We want the horses at Mongon Farms to be comfortable in all weather conditions.

For those who have left leather out in Ohio, you know that rot and mold can be an issue. Not here. Our tack room is fully heated and air-conditioned. Tack is a large investment we want to keep your equipment well-preserved and safe. It’s locked at night to make sure you can leave your equipment here and not have to haul it back and forth for your lessons.

With the stables, there are 6 outdoor pastures and paddocks so that your horses can be let out every good-weather day. We will cover putting blankets on your horse for those days it’s still chilly but we all would prefer to get out of our small stalls, so if we can get them out, they will be.


We have 3 basic arenas on our farm. There is an indoor area and two outdoor arenas. One of the outdoor areas is set up for stadium jumping, while the other is a small lunging arena to get your horse some exercise and training.

Our indoor area is a standard 20 x 40 meter dressage arena. For those rainy days, we have lightweight portable jumps to use inside. There are a few sections of walls with large mirrors to help students with their positioning as well as horses who get a little started with reflections. For the parents, there is even a heated and cooled viewing area to watch the session. It’s the favorite area for those looking to get better at dressage and working their horse.

Our outdoor stadium is roughly 3 times the size of our indoor arena. The arena is set up, and we change it with some frequency, with a good course tailored to our seasoned and junior students. The jumps are adjustable in height for all levels of students. As well, we leave a good portion clear of jumps for flat work training.

Cross Country Course

Cross Country back pasture

The Back Cross Country Pasture

Our favorite part of the facility is our almost 50-acre cross-country course. These open fields are a great place to exercise your horse through a set of wonderful natural jumps. We have them set at different heights like you would find in a standard cross-country course. There are several small creek crossings as well as a water complex to greet our seasoned riders.


To jump at our facility, whether you are a border or not, we expect you to be accompanied by a trainer. Our insurance does not allow outside trainers at this time. Please call ahead to plan a time.

We teach care of a horse and management in every riding lesson. Our goal is happy and healthy horses and riders. Lessons are $50 an hour, a little less if you are a border. We teach all English disciplines (dressage, jumping, fox-hunting) at all levels.

Our lesson programs are tailored to individual instruction. We work on the flat for relaxation and stretching, then phase into the specialty planned for that day. Whether it is a large gallop in the fields to work both our riders and horse's endurance, to close control in the dressage era, our goal is to push our riders and horse to grow better together.

There is a large calendar in the tack-up area so anyone can see who is scheduled and at what time. We do not do online signups at this time. We’ve tried and horses just don’t use computers as well as a physical signup. The calendar will also list horse shows/events we plan to attend. If you like to fox-hunting during the season you can see the events we plan on attending as well.

The board is $600 a month. There are several school horses available for training as well as horses available to lease or for sale. If what we have isn’t the right fit for you we always have connections to file the right horse for our riders.

We look forward to you joining us soon.