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Marcy Mongon

A Horse Heart

As a Kentucky native, I grew up and have spent time around horses my entire life. It has always been a passion of mine as I worked with all available horsemen/women as a child and young adult with ever the goal of learning more.

My first horse was a beautiful American Saddlebred pony, Tequila. I had such fun working and training Tequila. After my first successful show, I was hooked.

To help support my ‘horse habit’ I would go to the racetrack, (Churchill Downs), adopt horses, and teach them to hack and particularly to jump. I found that many good racehorses made better jumpers when they left the track. I had friends and neighbors who were looking for good jumpers to show, and my training helped them all.

My passion for horses always with me led me to turn it into a career in 1995. I began teaching and training both horses and riders full-time. If there was a horse or student that wanted to grow their understanding and get in ‘horse-shape’ I was there to help.

In 1996, George (my husband and best friend for over 40 years) accepted jobs out West. My two kids were already heavily involved in the USPC (United States Pony Club) while we were in Cincinnati, and that continued for them and me as we spent time in Colorado and Wyoming. In those years I was the DC and chair of Tetrathlon, coaching 2 teams internationally.

Today with the farm we set up in Ohio, I still lead teams to victory. It’s not with the full international flare, however, we still travel far and wide for competitions. My favorite destinations will always be at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Along with our 35-horse stable, we have both an indoor and outdoor arena with lighting for those who get caught up and need a later lesson. We have a full cross-country course across 15 acres which we use for many lessons.

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